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What is the property valuation for?


The property valuation may help your decision-making in many ways. You may use it during real estate purchase, sale, or exchange. It can be used for investements, for companies, and many other purposes.


With an accurate, and reliable property valuation you can save HUF-millions during the purchase of a real estate! Or you can win HUF-millions during a sale!


Our valuations are accepted by many banks in Hungary, therefore they are important for loan requests.


Property valuations for banks:


Our company is continously in contractual relationship with several banks. Ordering the valuation is often made by the bank. After receiving the order we will contact you through telephone, so that we may begin the job. The banking valuation prices are fixed by the contracts between us and the banks.


Because every bank has it’s own credit policy, they give different loans (different interest rate, maturity, conditions, etc), they often have their own terms for the making of the appraisal.




The quality of our expertise is guaranteed by the experience and competence of our colleagues. All of our valuers have state approved property valuer certification, and years of experience. We guarantee  the rapid completion, the accuracy, and high professional standards of our work.


Area of competence:


We undertake real estate appraisal orders primarily in Gyõr-Moson-Sopron, Komárom-Esztergom and Veszprém counties. If asked, under a specific agreement we can undertake the valuation of properties in other regions.


Prices, terms:


The price of a real estate valuation may depend on many things. It may depend on the type of the property (residential family home, residential condominium, industrial, agricultural, etc.), its size, the number of structures, legal backround, available documents. Contact us, and give a description of your property.

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